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On this page you can purchase images and loops of the human heart. Because of the adaptability of the model, we can create any desired presentation.

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The digital heart was designed by cardiac surgeons. The primary goal was the exact digital replica of a human heart, with all of the anatomical details.


The extremely elaborate design of the textures produces a photorealistic image of the human heart.  For functional animation, data from Cardio-CTs were transferred to the model to simulate the wall movements, the opening and closing of the heart valves and the tilt and turn movements in systole and diastole.


Construction with perfect polygons allows the model to be modified. Pathological changes such as heart valve defects or defects of regional wall movements can be freely simulated. Implants can be integrated into the model and their functionality can be demonstrated. By the free choice of the point of view and the perspectives, any desired function can be explained.

All purpose

Thus, the model is suitable for patient education about various medical procedures and functions of implantable or non-implantable devices. The Digital Heart is ideally suited for demonstrating devices to the specialist public and for teaching or training purposes for implanting physicians.

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